Pousi Swailem is the Founder of Natural Art Hub. She is a freelance Textiles Designer who earned her MSc Textiles from the University of Leeds, UK following her MSc Textiles degree from Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo, Egypt.

She has worked extensively in the Textiles field since 2004 building diversified experiences in Textile Industry Management. Practicing Art has been always her passion therefore, by 2014, she has decided to fully dedicate her time to Art and Design. Pousi believes that humanity benefits from creativity and individuals’ skills as this reflects not only on their society but furthermore connects the whole world together. Hence, at Natural Art Hub one of her main concerns is the communication between individuals from different backgrounds to explore mutual interests and enrich creativity and skills. Apart from working in Art and Design, Pousi loves traveling and music.

BLOCK PRINTING Chhipa family from Rajastha, India are the skillful artisans behind the Block Printing works. Being the 3rd generation printing artisans has given this project a great value. view collection


CERAMIC JEWELLERY   "Ancient Egypt Collection"

Unique items inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization introduced by designers (Heba Said & Manar Magdy) working closely with artisans (Goma’ & Hakim) - family pottery studio. view collection

    • Heba Said & Manar Magdy (left, right) are young designers from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo. Both are talented, creative and ambitious. Heba & Manar are passionate about exploring new materials and techniques.




        • Goma’ & Hakim (left, right) are skillful potters from Tunis village in Fayoum, Egypt. Both started experimenting with clay when they were children in the village pottery school. Now after over 25 years they pass on their craft experience to younger generations from the family.



        CERAMIC JEWELLERY   "Earth Collection"

        Unique items inspired by nature introduced by a special collaboration between Natural Art Hub and Haitham Hedayah- NOOR Traditional Arts Studio view collection


        Haitham Hedayah is a Ceramicist and Designer based in Cairo, Egypt. Partner at “NOOR Traditional Arts Studio" which blends old crafts with modern life essentials in products made from ceramics. Haitham has been devoting his artistic skills full-time to ceramics since over 15 years. He participated in various exhibitions worldwide like Beijing International Woodfire Festival 2015, Korea World Ceramic Biennale, 2nd World Exhibition for Art & Porcelain, and many others. He was awarded prizes in both The General Competition of Plastic Arts and The Youth Salon in Egypt.


        Other Collaborators

        • Product Photography and Image Tailoring for the Block Printed Scarves are done in collaboration with Tamer Sami who is a Partner and Image Tailor Professional at Leap Studios. Tamer studied Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt and has been working in the field of Advertising for over 10 years as an Art Director until he shifted to the Creative Retouching profession. Furthermore, Tamer is passionate about Underwater Photography and Sports especially Judo.
        • Block Printed Scarves presented on the website are beautifully worn by Leena El-Ghetany, Noura Nader, & Gina Waleed.