Earth Collection is a unique jewellery line that is inspired by nature in all senses… colour, touch, and material. Simplified motifs in this collection serve the contemporary demand of modern fashion while raising the sense of nature hidden beauty.
The collection is a special collaboration with Haitham Hedayah, Partner at NOOR Traditional Arts Studio.

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Our Designer-Artisan collaboration in Fayoum (Egypt) produced jewellery pieces that are inspired by ancient Egyptian motifs applied to clay material sourced from Egypt. Making jewellery pieces is a style of work that is significantly different from traditional pottery of Fayoum villages.
view Project brief & Teamwork

Here is the Full Process in pictures

  • After designs are finalized, clay is prepared by being rolled to the required thickness that is suitable for jewellery pieces

  • Pieces are formed by hand, knife-cut according to design patterns,

..... smoothed by fingers, and then left to dry so that water evaporates


  • Now that the pieces are dry, they are ready for adding slip coat

  • Once the slip is dry, colours are applied to the surface according to designs


  • Firing is the next stage in which coloured clay pieces are put in the pottery kiln (oven) to help in transforming clay into ceramic material under high temperature. Colourful ceramic pieces are then carefully attached by using metals such as silver or copper


      • Now that the jewellery piece is put together, it is time to enjoy your personal ornament :)