Designer-Artisan collaboration through Natural Art Hub targeted producing artworks that are significantly different from traditional patterns. view Project brief & Teamwork

Here is the Full Process in pictures

  • When designs are finalized the wooden blocks are carved and ready for printing


  • Fabric is washed to get rid of impurities then soaked in Harda bath which gives it natural yellowish tint that beautifully fades away by use and washing. After drying in the sun, fabric is ready for printing.
  • Preparing to print, colours are mixed according to design and set aside



    • The fabric is cut into scarves' size and pinned on the printing table where the block printing begins. Prints are done by dipping the wooden block in the colour paste tray then stamp it on the fabric



    • Another technique is the Dabu printing where a mud paste is used instead of colours. Afterwards, mud-printed areas are sprinkled with Saw dust to prevent stickiness. Mud resist paste is made from clay and gavar gum. The process is called mud resist because printed areas resist dyes when the scarf is dyed afterwards which creates a beautiful effect (Check our KUFI design here)



    • Dyeing is also part of the process when needed (Check our CHESS design here which is dyed with Indigo)



    • Scarves are hanged or spread out in the sun to dry then later boiled in natural mordants for fixing colours



    • Scarves are washed several times to be ready for use