Natural Art Hub (NAH) is a project where designers and artisans meet to create opportunities for handmade artworks in the contemporary market.

Pousi Swailem, who is a Textile Designer and Engineer, is the founder of Natural Art Hub in collaboration with Valiant Trading DWC, a freshly established trading company located in Dubai, UAE.

The idea started when Pousi decided to explore handmade textiles in India. After a short visit, she was fascinated by the process and soon started sketching. Meeting the clever artisans of Rajasthan region, the teamwork started and samples were produced.

Natural resources, traditional crafting skills and innovation are all combined at Natural Art Hub. Therefore, it is not a profit driven project as it belongs more to art and humanity, to favoring nature, breaking boundaries, and crossing borders.

At Natural Art Hub, designers and artisans work side by side to create a mutual learning practice where both exchange knowledge and experience. We believe in humanity power and encourage living and working in harmony.

Earth is home for everyone!

Natural Art Hub dedicates not less than 5% of its earnings to fund artisans’ communities.

It is your choice to be part of the Natural Art Hub community...

We will always welcome you :)